Future – For kids

Ever wondered what life will be like in the future? How will school lessons change and what will we be eating in a few years’ time? Join Sani on a trip into the future and find out what life might be like there. Have fun!


Heavy rucksacks carrying bulky books are now a thing of the past. For school Sani only needs an ultra-thin tablet and headphones, which he uses to read books, do sums and draw pictures. The tablet is also his virtual teacher, telling Sani which exercises to do so he can work at his own pace. If Sani needs help, the teacher gives him advice via the headphones. And Sani can print out his craft projects quickly and easily on a 3D printer.


In Sani’s state-of-the-art home, many everyday processes are fully automatic. When it gets dark, the blinds close automatically. And the kitchen conjures up dishes with next to no help – Sani only has to add his favourite ingredients. Sani lives in a flat on the 62nd floor of a huge tower. The upper part of the tower is home to flats, while the lower floors provide space for schools, cinemas, museums and shops. Sani’s vacuum robot takes care of the cleaning. It picks up every speck of dust throughout the flat without Sani having to raise a finger.


Sani loves playing computer games in the future. Equipped with helmet, glasses and steering wheel, he takes part in high-speed car races. Wearing the helmet and glasses, Sani feels like he’s whizzing round corners in a real racing car. But playing can be really exhausting too, because in many games Sani really has to move to reach the next level.


Sani’s kitchen cooks automatically. Freshly prepared food is delivered ready-to-eat in a bag, but it tastes just as good as the meals we eat today. Sani orders the ingredients he needs from the comfort of his own home. Everything is delivered directly to his kitchen in just a few minutes. The kitchen also makes sure that Sani eats enough fruit and vegetables every day.