Travel – For adults

Long journeys can be really boring for children. To help you out, we’ve put together a few fun games. All the games are quick and easy to prepare and are sure to make the journey pass faster. We wish you happy and relaxing holidays!

Foil artists
Give each child a piece of foil and ask them to create something. It can be anything they like – a mythical creature, necklace, miniature person, car, crown, etc. They can give their creativity full rein.

Drawing boards
Drawing is a great activity for kids on long journeys. Give them paper and pens, an etch-a-sketch or a Magna Doodle. To create really imaginative works of art, get them to swap their pictures after three minutes. Each child gets to add something to the other picture until the next changeover.

Colour game
You choose a colour and ask the children to look for things that are this colour. Older children have to list several items, while younger ones only have to find two or three.

Can you see...?
Give your children a list of objects they have to find while looking out the car/train window. Start with 15 items, e.g. dog, cyclist, church, level crossing, lake, sunshade, etc.

Guess the tune
Hum a well-known children’s song. The rest of the family has to guess the tune. The person who guesses correctly gets to hum the next song. With older children, you can hum chart hits or songs from films, etc.

I spy
A real favourite! Someone chooses an object that everyone can see. That person says: “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with...” (and says the first letter of the object). The rest of the group tries to guess the object as quickly as possible. The person who guesses correctly gets to choose the next object.

I’m packing my suitcase
The first player decides what he or she wants to take on holiday. He says: “I’m packing my suitcase and I’m going to take …. a swimsuit.” The next player repeats the same sentence and adds another object. “I’m packing my suitcase and I’m going to take a swimsuit and a travel diary.” The list increases by one object with every player. When a player forgets an item on the list or gets the order wrong, he’s out. Can you manage to “pack” 15 or even 20 objects?