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Stand tall despite the shift in your centre of gravity

Standing properly

During pregnancy your centre of gravity shifts forward as your baby grows. As a result, the lower part of your spine automatically bends more and tilts your pelvis forwards. As the joints on your pelvis also become looser during this time, your back muscles have to do more work to keep you upright. If your muscles aren’t strong enough, this can cause back pain.

The following tips can help prevent this.

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Tips for standing

  • Try to distribute your weight evenly over both feet.
  • Don’t straighten your knees completely. If it feels good you can even bend your knees slightly.
  • Pull your pelvis upwards slightly by tensing your muscles. This relieves the pressure on your back.
  • Lift your chest and let your arms hang relaxed by your side.

Exercise to relieve strain

Tilt your pelvis slightly forwards (on tiptoes) then backwards (standing on your heels) and repeat. If you feel unsteady, hold onto something while doing this exercise.

Additional exercises

  • Stand on one leg for two to three breaths, then switch to the other leg and hold for the same amount of time. If you feel unsteady, hold onto something while doing this exercise.
  • Stand on both feet and rock gently from your toes to your heels and repeat.


Support stockings for improved blood circulation

If you have to stand for extended periods at work, we recommend wearing support stockings. These help prevent water retention in the legs and encourage the circulation of blood around the whole body.

Give it a try!


Katharina Quack Lötscher

Doctor and president of PEBS (preventive nutrition and exercise
counselling during pregnancy and up to a year after birth)

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