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Sanitas Active app FAQs

FAQ Sanitas Active app

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Verify your details

Step 3: Connect a fitness tracker

The app lists compatible fitness trackers and guides you through the connection process. You can add additional trackers or change the data source at any time under Settings/Data sources. If you want to track cycling activities with the Health Kit, you need an additional app such as Strava. You’ll find a comprehensive list here

The daily target is calculated on the basis of your personal activity score. The activity score is based on your exercise habits and takes all activities tracked by the app into account: steps (number), cycling (minutes) and swimming (minutes). The app starts with an activity score of 70. This value increases based on your exercise habits and success. You should be able to reach your daily target comfortably, and your target is continually increased.

You receive a virtual coin for every daily target reached. Sometimes we also set a challenge for you. If you accept this challenge, you have twice the benefits: You receive coins as usual for your activity and, if you complete the challenge, you get an additional reward.

Your coins can be exchanged for vouchers to spend in the online shops of our partners. You’ll find all our partner offers in the menu under “Vouchers”. Here you’ll see how many coins you need for a voucher and the monetary value of the voucher.

If you have enough coins in your account, you can redeem them for the selected offer. The voucher will then be activated and a voucher code will be displayed. You also have the option of donating the value of your coins to PluSport.

Plus you can save a partner offer as a favourite. You’ll be sent a message once you’ve collected enough coins for this offer.

Our partners and offers:

Angebot Besonderes Switzerland’s most flexible sports membership plan: book courses and other sports offers online with over 250 sports providers.
  • A voucher is equivalent to 1 training session and can be redeemed initially by clicking on this link
  • You can redeem several vouchers
  • To activate additional vouchers: please send an email with your code to myclubs The online farmer’s market for regional and organic products.
  • Vouchers can be accumulated.
  • Important: to redeem the code, you have to enter it in your customer account under “Account balance”. Don’t enter it in the voucher code field during the payment process. The reason for this is that voucher codes can’t be accumulated, while credit can.
  • Minimum order of CHF 50 Switzerland’s online market leader for IT, consumer electronics and telecommunications.
  • Redeem voucher during the payment process.
  • Vouchers can be accumulated. The umbrella organisation for disabled sport in Switzerland supports people with disabilities at all sporting levels from popular to professional sport.
Sanitas donates your redeemed coins to the value of CHF 10 directly to PluSport. You don’t need to do anything else. Selling outdoor equipment since 1951, hajk supports the Pfadi (scout) initiative in Switzerland, with any profits going towards this organisation.
  • The voucher can be redeemed in the shopping cart or during payment.
  • Vouchers can be accumulated.

You can activate or deactivate push notifications under “Settings/Push Notifications”. We recommend that you keep push notifications activated to stay up-to-date with new challenges and your daily targets.

If you track your activities using your smartphone, you have to have it with you. If you track your activities using a wearable (wristband tracker), you don’t have to have your smartphone with you. The app automatically synchronises the tracked data with the wearable.

Yes, you can also collect exercise data offline. As soon as your smartphone has an internet connection, your data will be synchronised. Data can be synced for up to a maximum of 7 days.

Your data is deleted as soon as you delete your profile. You can delete your profile in the menu under “Settings”. Your profile will be deleted immediately. You can sign up again for the Active app at any time.

Sports Check-in

Sanitas is continuously developing the Active app. The Sports check-in is a new function within the Active app. With this function you can visit fitness centres and take part in courses that don’t meet the standard certification criteria. This function helps us promote additional sporting activities – and thus also boost the health of all age groups.

Your sports provider probably isn’t registered with us yet. You can use the “Add sports offering” function to add your sports provider yourself. Please note: It can take up to 14 days for your sports provider to be displayed in the app so that you can check in.

You need to be very close to your sports provider for the function to pick up the location. Ideally, you should be directly in front of or inside (check your phone’s reception!) the sport provider’s building. Then you can check in. If it still doesn’t work, your sports provider may not be entered at the correct location if it is based in a large building. Please contact us at We will then correct the position and you can check in when you next visit.

We can’t record hiking routes, cross-country skiing trails and ski slopes. However, you can use the step counter in the Active app to reach your daily target and collect a coin that way.

Many thanks for your query. We’re happy to explain: When you visit a football or ice hockey stadium, it’s impossible to check whether you’re actually playing football/ice hockey or just watching.

No, this is not possible. We’re happy to explain why: Sanitas only pays a contribution towards fitness centre membership if the fitness centre in question has a valid quality label (Qualitop or Fitnessguide from ***). It is very important to us that we treat all customers with the same insurance cover equally.

You can collect a coin when you work out in the fitness studio. This is a reward for your healthy lifestyle. Sanitas plans do not cover the cost of courses. If your friend is insured under a Wincare supplementary insurance plan, then certain courses will be covered.

Thank you for your query. To check in, you need to open the Active app and click on the Sports check-in icon. If you’re close enough to your sports provider, you can check in by clicking on the “Check in” button. The successful check-in is displayed on your smartphone along with the duration of your visit.

Thank you for your query. You can close the Active app while you’re working out and let it run in the background. The duration of your training will be updated when you open the app.

The duration of your training session at a sports facility is determined using the location services of your smartphone. For this reason, they have to be activated when you’re using the app. If they are deactivated, the recording will be cancelled and check-in won’t be completed successfully.

Thank you for your query. Sports check-in pinpoints your location when you open the app to find your nearest sports offering, during the training when you’re checked-in, and for a few minutes after you check out to make sure you’re automatically checked out of the sports facility when you leave.

Thank you for your query. The Sports check-in needs your location data (GPS) to determine your location. If you close the app or let it run in the background, the location positioning only works when your location services are always active.

Your registration data is saved when you sign up for the Active app. During the check-in, the app records your location data to determine the location based on exercise zones. Data recording starts when you open the Sports check-in and ends a few minutes after you check out. Your data is never forwarded to third parties and is stored in accordance with the Swiss data protection laws.

You have the right to request the deletion of your location and personal data at any time.