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Information on the coronavirus

If you have any questions on the coronavirus, you’ll find the most important answers here, particularly with regards to the benefits paid by Sanitas. Additional information, health tips and the latest news on developments can be found on the Federal Office of Public Health’s website.

Stay home

Are you in a high-risk group? Worried you’ve caught the virus? Then stay at home, keep the recommended distance of two metres from other people and if you have any questions, call our medical hotline on 0844 124 365. In an emergency, please contact your doctor or a medical centre by phone before going there in person.

Answers to your questions

Here you’ll find answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers at the moment:

1. I have symptoms that indicate I may have caught the coronavirus. What should I do?

On the Federal Office of Public Health’s website you’ll find a short questionnaire with a direct recommendation for action. If you have a medical query, you can also contact your family doctor or the Medgate telemedical hotline at any time. Simply download the Sanitas Medgate app or give Medgate a call on 0844 124 365.

2. Is the coronavirus test covered by basic insurance and will Sanitas reimburse the costs?

Sanitas pays CHF 119 under basic insurance (minus deductible/copayment) towards the cost of coronavirus tests carried out before 25 June 2020. The costs are covered in accordance with the legal requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health.

The cost of coronavirus tests carried out after 25 June and in the future will be borne by the Swiss government in accordance with the testing strategy. This decision was taken by the Federal Council on 24 June. People who have a test will therefore no longer be charged a copayment. Sanitas will continue to handle the billing.

3. Does Sanitas cover the cost of masks, disinfectant and other preventive products?

No, because these are not benefits covered under basic insurance.

4. Does Sanitas cover benefits abroad if I show symptoms of the coronavirus?

Basic insurance covers the cost of emergency treatment, such as when symptoms of the coronavirus occur, even abroad. In an EU/EFTA country, you can show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Outside EU/EFTA states, basic insurance (KVG/HIA) covers up to twice the costs that would be reimbursed for treatment in Switzerland.

Costs which exceed compulsory basic health insurance are covered by any supplementary insurance plan you have with us according to the contractual agreement. Important: please keep your insurance card to hand and contact Sanitas Assistance on +41 (0) 844 124 365.

When travelling, please note the information published by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA).

5. What should I do if I have health problems that aren’t related to Covid-19?

Important: If you have acute health problems, contact your family doctor or, depending on the severity of the situation, the emergency services. You will still receive competent and rapid medical care. The same applies if you suffer from a chronic illness that requires a regular medical consultation. Besides your family doctor and emergency department, there are other channels where you can get medical information:

  • “I don’t feel well and would like an initial medical opinion about what’s wrong”: The Medgate hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply download the Sanitas Medgate app or give Medgate a call on 0844 124 365.
  • “I need to see a specialist and may need surgery, but I’m not sure”: Call the Hirslanden healthline. The number of the healthline is 0848 333 999.
  • “I have a supplementary hospital insurance plan and need to find a suitable doctor for an operation that I’m due to undergo”: Call the Hirslanden healthline. The number of the healthline is 0848 333 999.

6. I’m due to give birth shortly. How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect the delivery?

You can give birth as planned – even if you’re due to give birth by caesarean section. In almost all hospitals in Switzerland your partner or a chosen person can be present during the birth - and, depending on the hospital, this person can also visit mum and baby after the birth subject to restrictions. Ask your hospital! You don’t have to worry about a shortage of beds in maternity wards, and all necessary measures have been put in place to protect you against infection from the coronavirus.

7. I’m not sure who to contact at the moment if I have questions about my pregnancy, the birth or the first weeks at home with my baby.

You should probably still be able to contact your midwife or your gynaecologist. However, you can also pose any questions you may have online. The Familly online portal provides families with free on-demand access to virtual support from midwives, child psychologists and many other healthcare professionals.

8. I’m experiencing financial difficulties as a result of reduced working hours and loss of earnings. I’m very worried about how to pay my health insurance premiums. What can I do?

Send an email to and we’ll try to find a solution for you to comfortably pay your premiums.

9. Can I contact Sanitas face-to-face at the moment?

Yes, our counters are open to the public during normal opening hours.

Other questions and answers

Products and services for your health

Everything we know has been turned on its head at the moment. But one thing remains the same: we’re still here for you. For example, with offers designed to help you stay healthy. And ways of managing your insurance affairs quickly and conveniently at any time.

Health offers
Innovative offers for challenging times

With most of us currently having to spend a lot of time at home, why not use the time to analyse your eating habits, learn how to relax more effectively and, above all, stay fit and healthy. A lot of things can be done from home these days. Stay healthy!

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For health tips and information on the latest developments relating to the coronavirus, visit the Federal Office of Public Health’s website at or by phone on 058 463 00 00.