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Save money with Movu and Sanitas


Your health insurance premium usually changes when you move house. It’s the perfect opportunity to check your health cover still meets your needs. When you use the MOVU removal or cleaning services and also take out insurance with Sanitas, you can save up to CHF 500 per person.

As soon as you notify your health insurer of your new address you’ll be sent an amended policy. Your premium may change when you move. This has to do with the premium regions. There are currently 42 premium regions in Switzerland. Generally speaking, premiums tend to be higher in cities than in rural areas.


Check your health insurance

Does your health insurance still meet your needs? Moving house is an excellent time to review your cover. Maybe you want more comfort. Or perhaps you’re expecting an addition to the family. Sanitas offers flexible insurance solutions whatever stage of life you’re at.

Make use of our offer – it’s easy:

  1. Request a quote for removal or cleaning services from MOVU.
  2. Request a quote from Sanitas using the form below.
  3. Take out the health insurance you want by returning the application form provided.
  4. Get a refund of up to CHF 500 per person on your MOVU bill.

Important: To be entitled to the refund, you must use the form below to request a quote and take out insurance using only the application form provided.

Both new and existing Sanitas customers can take advantage of the offer. Existing Sanitas customers can take advantage of this offer by taking out a new supplementary insurance plan. As a rule you’ll be refunded via MOVU one or two months after you receive your insurance policy document. The amount you are refunded depends on the insurance cover that you take out.


You’ll get a refund of CHF 500 if you take out a new three-year contract with the following insurance plans:

Basic insurance

All models

Supplementary insurance

Family or Classic

Hospital insurance

Hospital Top Liberty


Any questions?

We’ll be glad to help. Give us a call.

Monday to Friday,
8 am to 6 pm

0800 22 88 44

Sanitas is one of Switzerland’s most popular health insurers

What’s all the more pleasing is that this claim is based on customer feedback, not corporate hype. And we’ll do our best to make sure it stays that way or gets even better, because only the best is good enough for our customers.

Score of 5.3 out of 6

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Sanitas. The great efforts we’ve made in this direction have earned us an overall score of 5.3 and second place in the survey.

Score of 5.2 out of 6

The survey asked customers how satisfied they were with the clarity of the communication, the quality of claims settlement and the customer service they get from their health insurer.

3rd place

According to a survey conducted by consumer magazine K-Tipp in September 2018, 64.1% of customers who’ve used Sanitas’s services in the last two years are “very happy” with our service.

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