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Support for stress, anxiety and depressive moods

If you suffer from anxiety, depressive moods, or permanent stress as a result of your work or home life, start your journey to improved overall well-being with Braive’s step-by-step stress recovery programme.

What is Braive?

All Braive programmes are developed based on the latest findings of cognitive behavioural therapy and supported with animated videos and interactive learning activities. The programmes are split into short modules that you can access anywhere and work through at your own pace – ideal for people who are often on the move.

How does it work?

The personalised approach guides you through the programme step-by-step: from identifying your symptoms to setting your own personal challenges. You create your own toolbox based on tried-and-tested techniques:

  • Relaxation for mind and body: Our selection of guided relaxation and meditation tracks is perfect for relaxing before going to bed, releasing muscle tension or calming your mind after a busy day.
  • Stress and recovery: Understand the biological side of stress and incorporate routines into your daily life to optimise regeneration.
  • Attention: Learn to stay focused despite stress and worries with, among other things, mindfulness meditation and attention training.
  • Positive thinking: Learn to automatically identify negative patterns of thought and practise healthy ways of thinking.
  • Thinking errors: Identify and avoid common thinking errors, cognitive biases and shortcuts that our brain makes automatically without our intervention.

As you work through the programme, you learn techniques such as mindfulness exercises, ways of coping with anxiety, behavioural experiments, progressive muscle relaxation and much more. These techniques help you reduce stress, improve your mood and interrupt negative thought processes.

You start with a free mental health check which gives you an overview of your current mental well-being. A programme tailored to your requirements is recommended on the basis of these results.

Who is this offer suitable for?

The Braive programmes are suitable for all adults regardless of location, education or skills. You don’t need any previous psychological knowledge to sign up – only the willingness to work on your psychological well-being.

Our partner

The Braive programmes have been developed by leading psychologists. Braive offers a whole range of programmes, regardless of whether you suffer from stress or just want to enhance your mental abilities.

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