Have you got a question about the health offers?

We want to make it easy for you to do something for your health, which is why we’re making these health offers available at favourable terms.

Exercise, diet and stress/relaxation have a major impact on our health, so all our offers fit in one or more of these categories. One exclusive offer may be booked per person. You can also use the Sanitas Coach, provided that you are insured with Sanitas. The conditions for using the individual health offers can be found on the relevant offer page.

Offers and pricing

You’ll find all the offers currently available under “Health offers” on the Sanitas website. There are two types of offers:

Exclusive offers

These are offers that we’ve developed in cooperation with our partners. Customers may book one exclusive offer per person. There are a limited number of offers available. There are four exclusive offers:

  • Medbase Stress Check
  • Migros Fitness@home with Migros Fitness vouchers
  • Topwell & mycoach intensive programme

Free offers

These are additional offers from Sanitas. Sanitas customers can take advantage of these offers free of charge, even if they no longer have a voucher. At present, one additional offer is available:

  • Sanitas Coach: The Sanitas Coach is available free of charge to all Sanitas customers. Non-Sanitas customers can use the Sanitas Coach to determine their heart age. However, to start the coaching you have to verify your Sanitas customer details.

Questions & Answers

In this case, you’re no longer able to order the offer from the Sanitas website, but you can buy it at the normal price directly from the provider.

How can I order a health offer?

Ordering a voucher

All available offers are listed on the overview page along with the price. Go to the offer page. Choose “Order voucher”. You’ll be guided through the order process.

Receiving a voucher

Once you’ve placed your order you will receive your voucher. You can download some vouchers immediately. Others will be sent to you by post. This depends on the provider.

Redeeming a voucher

You redeem your voucher directly with the provider. For example, if you’ve ordered the Medbase Physio Check, take the printed voucher with you or show the voucher on your smartphone when you go to your appointment with the Medbase physiotherapist. If you’ve ordered a digital health offer, for example Migros fitness@home, you’ll receive a discount code that you can redeem online. If there’s an amount outstanding for payment, you can pay it when you redeem the voucher.

Do I have to use the offer straight away?

No, but it’s a good idea to book quickly when the prices are lowest and you have the widest selection of offers to choose from. You don’t have to use the offer straight away, but please note the voucher’s expiry date. You have until this date to redeem your voucher. After the expiry date you can no longer redeem the voucher.

Can I exchange my voucher?

No. When ordering a voucher, make sure you choose one that you really want to use. Only one voucher for an exclusive health offer may be ordered per person. Once you’ve ordered a voucher, you can’t order any more.

Does Sanitas know which offer I book?

No. When ordering a voucher, choose one that you really want to use. Sanitas customers can only book one exclusive health offer per person. Once you’ve ordered a voucher Sanitas collects anonymous data on user behaviour on its health offer website in order to find out whether and which offers are of interest to visitors to the website. In addition, we also save information on which offer a customer has ordered. We do this so we can provide you with better advice and more targeted information that really interests you.

Sanitas has no access to any other data that you provide or have collected in connection with your participation in an offer (for example, with one of our partners). We obtain no information on your state of health on the basis of your order., you can’t order any more.

What happens once an offer is completely sold out?

In questo caso non è più possibile prenotarla dalla pagina web di Sanitas, ma potete ritirarla direttamente dall’offerente al prezzo normale.

Can I send the invoice for a health offer that is subject to a charge to Sanitas for reimbursement?

No, you can’t send the invoice to Sanitas for reimbursement. Sanitas does not pay a share of the costs. The health offers are special offers that are not covered by supplementary insurance plans. Therefore, any charges you incur are not covered by your basic or supplementary insurance.

Any questions?

The Sanitas customer service team will be happy to help:


0844 190 190