2nd place in comparis survey

20 July 2021

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Sanitas. We are committed to delivering innovative, digital solutions to make access to healthcare as easy as possible for our customers.

And we certainly seem to be on the right track! In this year’s customer satisfaction survey conducted by comparis.ch, Sanitas once again fared very well, ranking as one of the top health insurers in Switzerland.

The overall score of 5.1 is based on the following ratings:

  1. Value for money: 4.8
  2. Benefits: quality and service: 5.1
  3. Information, communication and transparency: 5.1
  4. Convenience of touchpoints and contacts: 5.1
  5. Innovation: 4.4
  6. Overall satisfaction: 5.2

We’re delighted with this positive result and would like to thank our customers for placing their trust in us.