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Insurance is complicated?

In the Sanitas premium calculator it is now even easier to find the right insurance solution online. Our digital assistant Alva will help you find an insurance solution that meets your needs.

How does the digital health insurance consultation work?

You now also have the option of a digital consultation in our online premium calculator. Our digital assistant Alva guides you step by step to your personal insurance offer. Starting with basic insurance, Alva helps you find the model that best suits your needs. Our digital assistant explains the differences between the models and highlights the discounts offered by each one. She also helps you choose the right annual deductible and accident cover. Once you have chosen basic insurance for you and any family members, you move on to the hospital and supplementary insurance plans. Once again, the focus is on your needs. Alva asks you a number of questions to find out which plans are right for you. She explains all your options and you see at a glance what your monthly premium will be.  

Who can use this service?

You still also have the option of putting together your own insurance quote in the Sanitas premium calculator. The digital consultation with Alva has been developed for anyone who wants a little more support in the complex world of insurance. There are often only little differences between individual models and plans. Alva helps you understand these differences and to make the right decision. So, the digital assistant Alva is another innovative service offered by Sanitas to simplify access to healthcare.