Getting others moving through movement

Users of the Sanitas Active app have been busy, collecting a total of CHF 18,990 in donations. This money helps PluSport, the umbrella organisation for disabled sport in Switzerland, enable several people with physical disabilities to take part in sporting activities.

“I love the idea of this fundraiser,” says René Pfister from PluSport. He’s referring to the fact that the donations from the Sanitas Active app were generated through physical activity and will now be put towards helping people with a disability take part in sporting activities themselves. The donations raised will be put towards PluSport’s prosthesis and equipment fund, which pays for special sports prostheses or aids. This donation will help five or six people be more active.

René Pfister and Gion Jäggi from PluSport receive the donation cheque from Jelena Mijacevic and Ivonne Bauer from Sanitas.

Donations raised through exercise

How is it possible to collect CHF 18,990 through physical activity? Users of the Sanitas Active App receive virtual coins for steps taken or for the daily sports targets they achieve. These coins can be redeemed either in vouchers for specific online shops or in donations to PluSport. René Pfister is delighted with the support: “All the money from the Sanitas Active app goes to people for whom free physical activity can’t be taken for granted”.

“Almost CHF 19,000 – that’s incredible”

PluSport is pleasantly surprised by the amounts raised so far and very grateful for the donations. Last year donations from the app reached CHF 7,220 . By way of example, the money collected last year by Sanitas Active app users made it possible for Norbert Strittmatter to realise his goal of being active in sports again and to take part in races. In the video you can see how he got on with his new sports prosthesis. “This latest donation will help us help more people like him,” says Pfister and thanks all the Sanitas Active app users for their fantastic support.

You’re not using the Sanitas Active app yet?

The Sanitas Active app encourages you to get more exercise. It counts steps and tracks your activity while cycling or swimming. When you reach your daily targets you get coins which you can exchange for vouchers.

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PluSport Disabled Sports Switzerland supports people with disabilities by offering programmes for all types of sport and exercise. Donations are used exclusively for this purpose. PluSport also organises sporting events, such as their national PluSport Day, ski days, football tournaments, open days for modern sports such as climbing, karate, kayaking, sailing, and many more. In the area of competitive sport, PluSport promotes young talent and ensures that ambitious athletes can take part in national and international competitions with Swiss Paralympic.

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