Sanitas has a sustainable investment strategy

As an investor, Sanitas has assets worth several billion Swiss francs. We invest these funds sustainably while also allowing for risk and return requirements.

In 2020 we took the decision to invest future capital primarily in companies and projects that meet defined standards with a view to environmental, social and governmental topics (ESG). We are implementing these ESG principles in our portfolio step-by-step, being guided by established, international benchmarks for sustainable investments. At the same time, we are also making targeted investments in infrastructure facilities that promote the energy transition, such as solar plants and wind farms.

In future, we will ensure that the composition of our investment portfolio is transparent by publishing a consolidated ESG report.

Christian Bodmer, head of asset and facility management, on the topic of sustainability:

“Sanitas has long been committed to environmental issues. However, as a service company we only have limited options for improvement. By investing our assets sustainably, we are targeting areas where we can have the greatest impact and help in some way. This initiative enjoys widespread support and is not just dictated from above. And that really makes a difference.”

You can find out more about Sanitas’ investment strategy and the special topic of sustainable index funds in the NZZ interview with Christian Bodmer.