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Offers for your well-being

Don’t set the bar too high and make time for you: Here you will find interesting articles on health and well-being, online coaching for good mental health, diet tips, motivating exercise videos and much more. In the new year we want to continue to address taboo health topics with you and support you with innovative offers. We’re here to help.

Because we often take on too much

No matter how physically fit we are, we only feel really healthy when our mind also feels good. It’s not always so easy. Here you’ll find information and tips on how to keep your mind strong – or how to make it strong again.

Because we sometimes need motivation

The Sanitas Coach is a certified medical app that guides you to a healthier lifestyle. It helps you prevent illnesses or makes it easier to live with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or sleep problems.

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Because it can also be a part of life

According to estimates, 30% of all 30-year-olds are affected by erectile dysfunction. Max Kersting, co-founder of Regimen, had problems himself. Now he has launched an app that offers an end-to-end programme to help others who suffer from the same problem. We are giving away 30 percent off the annual subscription to all our customers.

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Because insurance can be complicated

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Find the right insurance solution with Alva

Insurance is complicated? Our digital assistant Alva will help you find an insurance solution that meets your needs. Alva explains all your options and you see your monthly premium at a glance.

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Are you looking for an insurance solution to suit your needs? Arrange a personal consultation – in your home or via video call – with just a few clicks.

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