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COVID-19 is constantly presenting us with new challenges. Here you’ll find answers to questions frequently asked by our customers, particularly with regards to the benefits paid by Sanitas. Additional information, health tips and the latest news on developments can be found on the Federal Office of Public Health’s website.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to questions recently asked by our customers.

I have symptoms that indicate I may have caught the coronavirus. What should I do?

Please make sure you stay at home so you don’t infect other people in case you do have the virus. As a first step, we recommend that you do the FOPH’s corona check

If you have symptoms that indicate COVID-19, you’ll be given more information on professional test centres near you following your test results.

If you have a medical query, you can also contact your family doctor or the Medgate telemedical hotline at any time. To do so, download the Sanitas Medgate app or call 0844 124 365.

Who is able to have the Covid-19 vaccine?

Anyone aged 5 or over can be vaccinated against COVID-19 in their canton.

You will find further information here.

Who covers the costs of the Covid-19 vaccination?

The vaccination is free of charge (no deductible and copayment). The costs of the vaccine will be covered by the Swiss government, cantons and your basic insurance.

As a cross-border commuter, can I be vaccinated in Switzerland, and who covers the costs?

Cross-border commuters who have mandatory basic health insurance in Switzerland can be vaccinated in Switzerland in accordance with the vaccination recommendations. The costs are covered by mandatory basic health insurance, the Swiss government and the cantons.

Cross-border commuters who are not insured in Switzerland but who are exposed to a risk of infection through their work (e.g. healthcare workers with patient contact and care staff in nursing and old-people’s homes) can also be vaccinated in Switzerland free of charge. The costs will be covered by the Swiss government.

For cross-border commuters who are insured in another country and do not belong to the group of employees at occupational risk, the costs of vaccination are covered by their health insurance. In this case, we recommend that the vaccination is carried out at their place of residence abroad.

Can I also be vaccinated against COVID-19 free of charge abroad?

If the vaccination is administered abroad and not covered by the applicable country, the costs will not be covered by your basic insurance either. Basic insurance only covers benefits for treatment in the event of illness and not preventive benefits (e.g. vaccinations) abroad. The Swiss government recommends that anyone insured in Switzerland should be vaccinated here. Anyone who plans to be vaccinated abroad must also consider that, depending on the vaccine, the second dose of the same vaccine may not be available in Switzerland.

Do you have any further questions about the Covid-19 vaccination?

  • You can find out when and where to get advice on the vaccination and
    where you can get vaccinated for free on the website of your canton.
  • National Infoline COVID-19
    vaccination (open daily from 6 am until 11 pm): +41 800 88 66 44
  • You’ll find answers to
    frequently asked questions here.
  • Information on vaccination in other languages can be found here.

Other questions about the vaccination from our customers:


Do I have to have the vaccination?

Vaccination is voluntary. Nobody is obliged to have it.

Further questions cannot be answered in detail at the moment for all cantons.

I want to do a coronavirus self-test. How can I get one? Who covers the costs?

Self-test kits are available in pharmacies, chemists and retail stores and can be purchased by anyone. From 1 October, the government will no longer cover the cost of self-test kits.

By law self-test kits do not constitute an insurance benefit. As a result, the costs of self-test kits are not covered by Sanitas (neither basic nor supplementary insurance).

Who pays for the corona test?

The following conditions must be met for the Swiss government to cover the costs of the corona test or a quick test:

  • The tested person shows clinical symptoms (e.g. acute respiratory infection) defined by the FOPH.
  • The tested person received a SwissCovidApp message (also applies without symptoms).
  • The person was tested as part of an outbreak control (also applies without symptoms).
  • Test carried out upon request with issue of certificate (rapid antigen test with nose-throat swab only).
  • The tested person takes part in individual saliva PCR pool testing (a certificate will be issued in the event of a positive pool test and subsequent negative individual PCR test)
  • Test for antibodies on instruction of the responsible cantonal authorityPCR test to confirm results after a positive rapid or self-test.
  • Tested person has already had the first vaccination but has to wait until after the second vaccination for the certificate.
  • Tested person cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (medical certificate is required).
  • Tested person is under 16 years of age.

The test centre checks whether the conditions for costs to be covered by the Swiss government are met.

In the above cases, the government covers the cost of one or more tests. The costs do not affect your deductible or copayment. If the costs are covered, the invoice will be settled directly via Sanitas health insurance.

In accordance with the legal requirements, corona tests currently do not constitute an insurance benefit and are also not covered by supplementary insurance.

Are surcharges on corona tests legal?

Sometimes, pharmacies or medical practices place a surcharge on corona tests, for example a night, emergency, Sunday or public holiday surcharge or flat rates for infrastructure costs. However, this is not legally permissible (COVID-19 Regulation 3 on measures to control the coronavirus: Art. 26 para. 5). You therefore do not have to pay these costs. If you have already paid such a surcharge, you can claim the amount back from the pharmacy or medical practice with the corresponding receipt.

I have another, possibly chronic, illness. What do I need to bear in mind?

If you have acute health problems, contact your family doctor or, depending on the severity of the situation, the emergency services. You will still receive competent and rapid medical care. The same applies if you suffer from a chronic illness that requires a regular medical consultation. Alternative means of getting medical information:

  • “I don’t feel well and would like an initial medical opinion about what’s wrong”. The Medgate hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Download the Sanitas Medgate app or call Medgate on 0844 124 365. Compact customers should call 0844 111 365.
  • “I need to see a specialist and may need surgery, but I’m not sure”. Please contact the Hirslanden healthline on 0848 333 999.
  • “I have a supplementary hospital insurance plan and need to find a suitable doctor for an operation that I’m due to undergo”. Please contact the Hirslanden healthline on 0848 333 999.

I’m abroad and showing symptoms of the corona virus. Who covers the costs?

Basic insurance covers the cost of emergency treatment, such as when symptoms of the coronavirus occur, even abroad. Within EU/EFTA states, costs are covered in accordance with the bilateral agreement on the free movement of persons. Outside EU/EFTA states, basic insurance (KVG/HIA) covers up to twice the costs that would be reimbursed for treatment in Switzerland.

Costs that exceed KVG/HIA cover are covered by applicable supplementary insurance plans in accordance with the contractual agreement.

Important: Please use your insurance card and contact Sanitas Assistance +41 (0) 844 124 365.

When travelling, please note the information published by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA).

I need protective masks, disinfectant and similar products. Does Sanitas pay a share of the costs?

No. These are not benefits covered under basic or supplementary insurance.

I’m pregnant. What do I need to bear in mind?

Who should I contact at the moment if I have questions about my pregnancy, the birth or the first few weeks with my baby?

You should probably still be able to contact your midwife and your gynaecologist. However, you can also ask any questions you may have online. The Familly online portal provides families with free on-demand access to virtual support from midwives, child psychologists and many other healthcare professionals.

If you’re due to give birth shortly

You can continue to follow your birthing plan – caesarean sections are also still possible, of course. In almost all hospitals in Switzerland, your partner or a chosen person can be present during the birth – and, depending on the hospital, this person can also visit mum and baby after the birth subject to restrictions. Ask your hospital! You don’t have to worry about a shortage of beds in maternity wards, and all necessary measures have been put in place to protect you against infection from the coronavirus.

Are you worried about how to pay your premiums as a result of the pandemic?

Send an email to info@sanitas.com and we’ll try to find a solution for you to comfortably pay your premiums.

I have an issue that I’d like to discuss in person. Are the Sanitas counters still open?

Yes, our counters are open to the public during normal opening hours.

Answers to other frequently asked questions can also be found on the FOPH website.

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Further information, useful tips for daily life and how to comply with the restrictions, and news on the latest COVID-19 developments can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) at bag-coronavirus.ch or by phone on 058 463 00 00.

If you find the current situation particularly stressful or if it is exacerbating existing personal problems, you’ll find a list of telephone advice centres recommended by the FOPH here.

Please note: all the health-related information provided here is intended to help you find your bearings in the current difficult situation. However, if you have health problems, you must still seek help from a medical professional.