The app for digital consultations

The Sanitas Medgate app offers rapid support around the clock if you need medical advice. Enter your symptoms and you’ll be given a recommendation immediately: either for a teleconsultation with a Medgate doctor or treatment with your family doctor.

Step 1

Get medical advice

Open the Sanitas Medgate app. Go to “Book a teleconsultation” and enter your symptoms.

Step 2

Get a recommendation

You receive an immediate recommendation: either for a teleconsultation or to go to your family doctor.

Step 3

Make an appointment

With recommendation teleconsultation: choose an appointment. With recommendation visit to family doctor: enter your doctor in the Sanitas Medgate app, then you can make an appointment as normal with your family doctor.

Step 4

Adjust treatment plan

You can access or adjust your treatment plan at any time. For example, if the doctor providing treatment refers you to a specialist.

Key features

Do you want to use the Sanitas Medgate app?

Use of the Sanitas Medgate app and the telemedical advice and treatment provided by Medgate are free of charge for all Sanitas customers. Please note that you may be charged for calling the Medgate hotline depending on your telecommunications provider.

For customers who take out the Compact One plan or a telemedicine model for basic insurance, Medgate is always the first point of contact for medical queries. Use of the app is particularly recommended for these customers.

It’s simple:

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign up: You need separate login details for the Sanitas Medgate app.
  3. Scan your insurance card.
  4. Finished! You can get medical advice at any time.