Choose the basic insurance plan that suits your needs

Basic insurance

Anyone who lives in Switzerland must have basic health insurance. And all health insurers have to cover the same benefits under basic insurance. These requirements are defined by the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal) with the aim of ensuring that everyone can afford a high level of medical care.

Free choice of doctors
Choose a doctor each time you need treatment
  • Throughout Switzerland
  • Applies to doctors and specialists
  • One model with full services, one no-frills model
Free choice of doctors
Medical advice from a family doctor of your choice
  • Premium discount of between 7% and 10%
  • You always contact your family doctor if you need medical advice
  • Your family doctor is responsible for the initial medical consultation
  • This doctor provides treatment or refers you to a specialist
Family doctor model
HMO model
Fixed points of contact for all medical queries
  • In case of medical queries, you get in touch with your points of contact within the network
  • An HMO doctor provides initial medical advice
  • This doctor provides treatment or refers you to a specialist within the network
HMO model
Initial phone consultation around the clock
  • Rapid contact with Medgate doctors
  • Phone or video consultation via the Sanitas Medgate app
  • One model with free choice of doctors, one model with a treatment plan
Network model
Flexibility in the Medbase network of experts
  • If you need medical advice, you can turn to one of three points of contact
  • Medbase medical centres at over 50 locations, the telemedicine centre or Medbase pharmacies
  • For maximum efficiency, efficient treatment plans  and easy access to the right experts
Network model

Benefit from attractive premium discounts

  • Medbase MultiAccess discount of between 12% and 18%
  • NetMed discount of between 7% and 18%
  • CareMed discount of between 7% and 10%
  • CallMed discount of between 7% and 14%
  • Compact One discount of between 9% and 27%