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Our products – health insurance plans from Sanitas


We offer insurance solutions tailored to your precise requirements. Here you’ll find more information on our health insurance plans. Do you know how much Sanitas pays toward the cost of glasses or how you can save money on your premiums? Take  a look at our money-saving tips and an overview of the key benefits.

Basic insurance
Choose your model
  • Four models for basic insurance
  • Free choice of doctors, telemedicine, family doctor or HMO practice
  • Premium discount of up to 15%
Supplementary hospital insurance plans
Choose a hospital ward
  • General, semiprivate or private
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad
  • Greater flexibility thanks to Hospital Upgrade
Supplementary insurance plans
Supplement basic insurance benefits
  • Cover costs that exceed basic insurance
  • Money towards additional treatments such as alternative medicine
  • Pay contributions towards preventive care such as check-ups
What costs does Sanitas cover?
Overview of key benefits
  • Glasses or alternative medicine? Which benefits are important to you?
  • How much does Sanitas pay towards these benefits?
  • Under which plans and how much?
Money-saving tips
How to save money on your premiums
  • There are many ways to save money on your premiums
  • For example, choose an alternative insurance model or higher deductible
  • Choose a cost-savings measure that best suits your needs