Medgate – medical hotline and children’s health hotline

In cooperation with Medgate, we offer Sanitas customers an efficient telemedical advisory service. Medgate is the leading provider of telemedicine services in Switzerland.

Medgate offers various models of telemedical advice. Some services are offered in connection with specific Sanitas insurance plans or services. For example, the Sanitas maternity services or the Medbase MultiAccess, Compact One or CallMed basic insurance models.

Medical hotline

Sanitas and CallMed: 0844 124 365

Compact (incl. paediatric hotline): 0844 111 365

Medbase MultiAccess: 0848 888 777

Available around the clock.

For Medbase MultiAccess customers, a complete telemedicine consultation is charged under basic insurance in the same way as a visit to the doctor. For all other Sanitas customers, telemedical advice is free of charge. 

Compact: Nanny referral service

0844 111 365

Medgate receives your request and forwards it to an organisation near you. This organisation will contact you.

For children insured under Compact One. We pay the referral fee, you pay the costs of childcare at a reduced rate of CHF 30 per hour.

Emergency nanny referral service FAQs

Medical hotline for expectant mothers

0844 110 110

Available around the clock.

Free of charge for Sanitas customers who’ve signed up for the maternity services.