HMO model: your contact for medical queries

The HMO alternative insurance model stands for health maintenance organisation. This means that customers insured under an HMO model always contact an HMO practice first in case of medical queries. With Medbase MultiAccess you can also contact Medbase pharmacies or the telemedical hotline.

One point of contact for all medical queries
  • Premium discount of between 7% and 18%
  • You contact your HMO practice for medical advice
  • A doctor at your HMO practice will provide initial medical advice
  • This doctor provides treatment or refers you to a specialist within the network
Medbase MultiAccess
Choose flexibly from medical center, telemedicine and Medbase pharmacies
  • Premium discount of between 12% and 18%
  • You can always choose who to contact: Medbase medical centre, telemedicine centre or Medbase pharmacy
  • Your chosen contact provides initial medical care and coordinates any further treatment as necessary
  • The Medbase network of experts offers easy access to the right specialists
Medbase MultiAccess