Hospital copayment – your contribution to the cost of meals

In Switzerland, insureds pay a share of their treatment costs. This cost share includes the deductible, copayment and hospital contribution. Patients pay a share of the costs for meals during their hospital stay through the hospital copayment.

Definition of hospital copayment

The Health Insurance Act (KVG/HIA) obliges patients to contribute to the cost of meals during a hospital stay. This contribution is known as the hospital copayment.

How much is the hospital copayment?

Adults have to pay CHF 15 per day in hospital towards to cost of meals. They pay this contribution in addition to the deductible and copayment. The amount of the copayment is defined by the Swiss Federal Council.

Children, young adults up to age 25 who are still in eduction or training and women drawing maternity benefits do not have to pay this contribution.  

Why do I have to pay a hospital copayment?

The hospital copayment is justified by the fact that, during a hospital stay, patients save costs for meals that they would have had at home. That’s why insureds have to cover part of the cost of meals.