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Switching to Sanitas

Sanitas is one of Switzerland’s most popular health insurers. What’s all the more pleasing is that this claim is based on customer feedback, not corporate hype. We’d be delighted to welcome you as a customer soon. Get in touch and we’ll help you switch health insurer.

Switching basic insurance: cancel your old insurance by 30 November

  1. Select your basic insurance model in the premium calculator.
  2. You can take out basic insurance directly online. Simply complete a registration form and send it to us no later than 2 weeks before the deadline for termination.
  3. Send your signed termination form to Sanitas. We’ll take care of terminating your old insurance for you. Or you can send the completed termination form by registered post direct to your current health insurer by 29 November at the latest.

Switching supplementary insurance: cancel your old insurance by 30 September

If there’s no change in premium, the final deadline for terminating your insurance is 30 September. If there is a premium increase, the terms of your current supplementary insurance apply. Please read the PDF with information on periods of notice for terminating health insurance.

  1. Select the desired insurance in the premium calculator.
  2. You can apply for supplementary insurance directly online. All you have to do is complete and submit the application form.
  3. Send your signed termination form to Sanitas. Please also observe the term of contract and deadlines for terminating your current health insurance plans.
  4. Taking out supplementary insurance is subject to a risk assessment. This means we will review your application and request further information if necessary. Your application will either be accepted, accepted with restrictions or rejected outright.
  5. If we are able to admit you to the requested supplementary insurance plan(s), we will terminate your current insurance for you.

1st place in Comparis survey

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Sanitas, and we’re committed to delivering innovative solutions. The company’s efforts are paying off, because this year Sanitas was awarded the top score of 5.4.

Score of 5.2

From 1 (lowest) to 6 (highest)


Sanitas was awarded an overall score of 5.2 in the customer satisfaction survey published by the comparison portal. In the “Claims processing” subcategory we achieved the top score of 5.3.

3rd place

A survey conducted by consumer magazine K-Tipp in September 2019 shows that Sanitas has very satisfied customers. Once again Sanitas was among the top three health insurers in the survey.

Good reasons for choosing Sanitas

If you want peace of mind, solutions tailored to your needs and a first-class service from your health insurer, you need look no further than Sanitas.

Innovative insurance solutions

Do you want solid insurance without having to worry too much? Or is less more? Sanitas offers comprehensive insurance solutions with comfortable services or cheaper alternatives that adapt to customers requirements.

Basic insurance

Standard model with free choice of doctors and six alternative insurance models with premium discount

Basic insurance models

Supplementary hospital insurance

Insurance solutions for the general, semiprivate or private ward with the option of upgrading

Supplementary hospital insurance

Supplementary insurance

Comfortable all-round packages with benefits including alternative medicine, health promotion and glasses/contact lenses

Supplementary insurance

Sanitas digital services

Our digital services make your life easier – and they’re free of charge for all Sanitas customers. The apps are available to download in the App Store and Google Play.

Sanitas customer portal

  • An overview of your insurance affairs at all times
  • Make changes yourself quickly and easily
  • A direct line for questions
More about the customer portal

Sanitas Portal app

  • Scan documents
  • Ask questions directly via chat
  • Digital vaccination pass for the whole family
  • Search for generics, pharmacies, doctors and hospitals near you
More about the Sanitas Portal app

Sanitas Active app

  • For more exercise every day
  • Counts steps and tracks your movements when cycling and swimming
  • Rewards for reaching each daily target
More about the Sanitas Active app

Sanitas Medgate app

  • The app for digital medical consultations
  • Get free medical advice around the clock
  • Record symptoms and get an immediate recommendation
  • Access and adjust your treatment plan at any time
More about the Medgate app

You can use our online premium calculator to take a look at all the products and services offered by Sanitas. The premiums are always displayed. And if we’ve managed to convince you, you can take out insurance for you and your entire family directly online.

Support in everyday life

We are highly committed to improving our customers’ health through our free health programmes. Our team of professional health coaches offer support and advice in the event of health problems. Your personal coach will devise a personal plan and support you through the whole process.

Participation in the health programmes is free for Sanitas customers who have taken out certain supplementary insurance plans. The conditions for participation are not the same for all the health programmes. Please read the information in each programme carefully.

Overview of all health programmes

Free services

Are you due to undergo a complicated medical procedure, are you planning a family, or have you just left home? Our free services are available to support you through intensive phases of your life and help you when making important decisions.

Maternity services

  • We offer support and advice from planning a family all the way to your child’s first birthday. 
  • Free medical hotline exclusively for expectant mothers
  • The right information at the right time
  • Offers and surprise gifts for you and your baby
More about maternity services

Coming of age

  • We can help you gain a foothold in adulthood
  • A gift on your 18th birthday
  • Useful information about your health insurance
  • Tips for important events such as leaving home
More about coming of age

Faster medical advice

  • Free service for private and semiprivate customers
  • We will arrange for you to see a specialist
  • Semiprivate: within 7 days
  • Private: within 3 days
More about Priority Access

Second medical opinion

  • Free service for private and semiprivate customers
  • We will organise an independent second medical opinion for you
  • In writing, on the phone or in person
More about second medical opinion

Any questions?

Give us a call, we’re happy to help.

Advice hotline

0800 22 88 44

Monday to Friday
8 am to 6 pm