Schweizer Assekuranz: special prize for Planning a Family

On 11 November 2020, Sanitas won the special prize at the Innovationspreis der Schweizer Assekuranz (Swiss insurance innovation prize) for its Planning a Family supplementary insurance. The jury praised in particular the fact that Sanitas is proactively addressing a delicate subject that is often still taboo today.

Sanitas launched its Planning a Family plan at the end of 2019, Switzerland’s first-ever supplementary insurance plan providing comprehensive cover for fertility-related treatments. Sanitas believes that it should be a matter of course today that women can take out insurance for fertility-related treatments. This requires an open discourse on fertility problems. With this product and the discussion it generates relating to the unfulfilled desire to have children, Sanitas is helping to break the taboo surrounding this issue in society.

And the jury of the Swiss insurance innovation prize 2020 was clearly of the same opinion, as the judges awarded Sanitas this year’s special prize. They praised the company for making a courageous step in a sensitive area, for diversifying its strategy through innovation, and for combining cash and non-cash benefits.

You can find the jury’s statement read by Dr Jérôme Cosandey, Director for French-speaking Switzerland and Head of Research “Sustainable Welfare State” of Avenir Suisse, here.

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