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Planning a Family – improve your chances of conceiving

Planning a Family

You can never take it for granted that you will fall pregnant naturally, but thanks to advances in medicine there are many options available today. The Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan offers support when you’re trying to conceive.

Your benefits with Planning a Family

Perhaps you’d like to start a family at some point, but the time is not yet right. The medical options available today help to increase your chances of starting a family later in life. However, treatment is expensive and only covered to a limited extent under basic insurance. This is where the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan comes in:

  • Additional rounds of artificial insemination
  • Genetic embryo screening and prenatal testing
  • Access to selected fertility clinics in Switzerland
  • Free Ava fertility tracker


Please note: As standard with supplementary insurance plans, a medical exam is required in advance. You cannot take out this supplementary insurance plan if you have already undergone artificial insemination or have been diagnosed with fertility problems.

Take out insurance online now

Many of our insurance plans can be taken out online. Would you prefer to speak to someone from Sanitas customer service? Then give us a call on 0800 22 88 44 between 9 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Improve your chances of conceiving

Most women today are between 30 and 34 years old when they have their first child.1 Fertility decreases with age, so the proportion of women who give birth between the age of 35 and 40 after a natural pregnancy is just 19%.2 Hormone treatments and artificial insemination can increase the chances of pregnancy.


With insemination
For simple hormonal stimulation with drugs in combination with insemination,  the chances of success for women under 35 are 18% per cycle.3


With in vitro fertilisation
With in vitro fertilisation, the chances of success are higher than with insemination. The success rate for women under 35 is 29% per cycle.4

When do you need this supplementary insurance?

Basic insurance does include benefits designed to promote your chances of conceiving. For example, three rounds of artificial insemination in the womb. However, if you don’t fall pregnant by this method, there are other medical options available today. The Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan eases the financial burden if such treatments are necessary. Please note: in the case of artificial insemination, benefits are only paid under the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan if attempts to conceive naturally have been unsuccessful.

How much you can save

One treatment cycle usually costs between CHF 6,000 and CHF 8,000 per cycle. However, prices vary from clinic to clinic.


  • Three rounds à CHF 6,000 cost CHF 18,000
  • Sanitas covers 75% of the costs up to a maximum of CHF 12,000.
  • You pay CHF 6,000 instead of CHF 18,000.

Premium developments

The monthly premium for the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan increases with age as follows:

Throughout Switzerland
Age groups
18 - 25 26 - 30 31 - 35 36 - 40   41 - 43
Premium in CHF
14.40 21.90 39.10 76.60 200.00

Waiting period: why is there a waiting period of 24 months?

With the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan, the waiting period for artificial insemination is 24 months from commencement of insurance. This means you have to wait 24 months before you are eligible for benefits. Why?

Family planning takes time

Let’s assume that you and your partner decide to start a family. You first try to fall pregnant naturally for a year. If that doesn’t work, the next steps are:

  1. Diagnostic tests
    You undergo examinations to determine the cause of infertility.
  2. Hormone treatment
    Drugs are used to stimulate the function of the ovaries.
  3. Artificial insemination in the womb
    The partner’s sperm is injected directly into the uterus.

The costs of these measures are covered under basic insurance, for up to three rounds of artificial insemination in the womb. Then supplementary insurance comes into play. It takes around two years from the decision to start a family to get to this point. Therefore, if you take out supplementary insurance in good time, you can continue with any further treatment straight away. We offer long-term support, because the benefits are fully available to be drawn again after each birth.

Our recommendation

If you’re thinking about taking out the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan, make sure you take the waiting period into account and take out the cover in good time. At the latest when you start planning a family.

Selected fertility clinics

You should feel that you are in good hands and have professional contact persons to answer any questions you may have. Sanitas covers costs with the following clinics:

List of approved healthcare providers

Ava fertility tracker

Once you’ve taken out the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan, you can order the Ava fertility tracker free of charge. You’ll receive information on the order process once your contract has commenced. The Ava fertility tracker  helps you to get a better understanding of your cycle and identifies your fertile days more easily than other methods.

You wear the bracelet at night. Sensors are used to measure the physiological parameters such as skin temperature, resting pulse rate and breathing rate. This way it identifies your fertile days and measures your stress levels, quality of sleep and much more:

  • The Ava bracelet identifies five out of six fertile days per cycle at 89% accuracy.
  • Ava measures in real time and identifies the signs of your ovulation up to five days in advance.
  • Ava was developed by doctors and scientists and tested as part of a clinical study at Zurich University Hospital.

Femtech start-up Ava has published a white paper with information on the extent to which a fertility tracker and the partnership between Ava and Sanitas can have a positive impact on rising health costs.

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