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New log-in arrangements for the Sanitas customer portal

Important information for families with adult children: Now, all adult family members can enter personal log-in details for the customer portal and the Sanitas Portal app. This allows every adult person to log into the customer portal using their own email address.

All adult family members can now use all the services in the Sanitas customer portal:

  • Submit documents
  • Request documents (confirmation of insurance for stays abroad, tax statement, etc.)
  • Use services such as the vaccination pass and Cover Check

The policyholder retains the control and processing rights for all contract-relevant information and insurance contracts, and has access to all the data. The other family members only see the documents they’ve uploaded themselves plus their claims settlements and current copayment and deductible. However, to protect the privacy of individual family members, only the head of family can see the settlements relating to the uploaded bills.

With personal log-ins, all the family members can help manage their own insurance affairs. 

Try it now

Not signed up yet?

If you’ve not yet signed up for the Sanitas customer portal and the Portal app, why not do so now! You’ll be sent your login details shortly. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive all future invoices electronically directly in the customer portal and in the Portal app.