Sanitas on social media

You’ll find Sanitas on various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Here, we listen to your feedback and actively exchange information with the online community on topics such as health, exercise and preventive care.

Facebook and Instagram

On Facebook and Instagram we share informative and fun content on health, exercise and insurance. You can use these channels at any time to ask questions, provide feedback or make other comments about our products and services.


On our YouTube-Channel you’ll find useful videos explaining health topics and our products, interesting interviews and articles, and our advertisements.

Xing, LinkedIn and X

You can follow us on our business networks Xing and LinkedIn for regular updates on our company and the health industry. You’ll get a fascinating look behind the scenes of a health insurance company, find out more about our employees, and receive information on current vacancies. On X you’ll get regular updates on our company and the health industry.


On the Kununu employer rating platform, employees, applicants and trainees can rate us anonymously. This way, anyone looking for work can get more information on our company in advance or check out the fringe benefits or training opportunities we offer.