Energy-efficient infrastructrure

We want to further reduce Sanitas’s environmental footprint and thus make a contribution to curbing climate change. One important element in doing so is ensuring our infrastructure is as energy-efficient as possible.

In September 2020, our service centre in Winterthur moved to the Wintower, which is supplied by the regional district heating network. This enables us to save energy each year equivalent to 40 single-family homes. The renovation of our building on Lagerstrasse in Zurich also took place with an eye to improving energy efficiency. This aspect, together with the optimisation of the use of space, has led to a significant reduction in energy consumption.

As the owner of various residential properties in Switzerland, Sanitas is ensuring that it complies with environmental and social aspects in upcoming renovations, thus contributing to the creation of affordable, energy-efficient living space.

We are currently working with proven specialists to record the consumption values of all Sanitas properties as part of an environmental inventory. This way we will be able to quantify Sanitas’ environmental footprint in the future and make any changes more transparent.

Our customers also make a daily contribution to climate protection. In this way, our policyholders who use the Sanitas paperless customer portal save several kilograms of paper per year. Our
customers who use the paper-free version of the Sanitas Portal, save several
kilogrammes of paper per year. Not using the Sanitas Portal yet? You can
change that with just a few clicks.