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How can I save on my premium? Why does my premium adjustment differ from the Swiss average? Here you’ll find the answers to questions often asked by Sanitas customers.


There are a number of ways to reduce your premium, which we’ve listed below. We’re also happy to advise you personally.

  • „Increase the deductible for your basic insurance. Choosing a higher deductible automatically lowers your monthly premiums, enabling you to save up to CHF 1,000 a year!
    Want to know more about your deductible and copayment? Watch our video for more information.
  • Choose an alternative insurance model. This way, you benefit from attractive discounts. Sanitas offers various alternative insurance models for basic insurance.
  • „You’ll find more ways to reduce your premiums here.
  • Contact your service centre. We’ll be happy to advise you personally and explain how you can optimise your premium. You’ll find the contact details in your policy document and on your insurance card.

Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. This first-class care comes at a cost, which is reflected in the health insurance premiums. Below we’ve listed some of the key factors that drive up the costs of basic and supplementary insurance. Please note that there are premium regions in which the premiums for basic insurance don’t rise regularly and in which the premiums for supplementary insurance remain stable.

Factors affecting premiums:

  • Advances in medicine, with improved and sometimes more expensive treatments and equipment.
  • The demographic trend, with an increasingly ageing population leading to higher claims on average.
  • Today, Swiss residents tend to go faster and more frequently to the doctor, and increasing numbers of claims are being made.

Our video “Why are premiums increasing?” explains the key facts simply and clearly in no time at all. Watch now

The average values for basic insurance communicated in the media usually have no bearing on your individual premium. There are a number of reasons for this:

Benefit costs in your region: The Federal Office of Public Health stipulates that premiums must cover the costs in each region. Premiums primarily reflect the benefit costs of a health insurer, which is the costs they pay out for doctors, therapists, hospital stays and drugs. The cost of benefits can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including the structure of a health insurer’s customer base and the insureds’ place of residence. That’s why the premium of 44-year-old Mr M. living in canton X differs from the premium of 44-year-old Mr B. living in canton Y.

Your choice of model and deductible: The average premium announced by the Federal Office of Public Health at the end of September each year is based on the standard model for basic insurance with a deductible of CHF 300 and accident cover included. Your premium can vary if you’ve

Supplementary insurance: If you’ve taken out one or more supplementary insurance plans, bear in mind that the information published by the Federal Office of Public Health refers only to the basic insurance premium. When comparing this figure with your policy, refer only to your basic insurance premium and not the ones for supplementary insurance.

The Swiss healthcare system attaches great importance to the concept of solidarity for basic insurance. This means that all adults in a single premium region pay the same premium for basic insurance regardless of whether they are sick or healthy, old or young, male or female. You’re one of the lucky ones who are in good health. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that you won’t have to pay a higher premium if you happen to fall ill at some time in the future.

This principle of solidarity is an integral part of the Swiss health insurance act. It gives you the security that you won’t face financial ruin as a result of huge illness-related costs in the event of an emergency.

That’s not necessarily true. Our promotional activities are designed primarily to communicate information about innovative products and services and thus attract new customers to Sanitas. Winning new customers each year is a crucial factor in maintaining the stability and security of a health insurance company. Ultimately, this benefits all Sanitas customers.


Advertising can also play a key role in improving the cost-awareness of our customers. Since the launch of our online customer portal and the associated communication measures, some 200,000 customers have switched to electronic – and paper-free – correspondence with Sanitas. This saves paper, postage costs and is environmentally friendly.


Last but not least, our figures show that foregoing promotional activities has little impact on cost-savings, because the advertising expenditure makes up a very small amount of the monthly premium at Sanitas, amounting to less than 1 franc of an average monthly premium. In other words, cutting the entire advertising budget would have a negligible effect on premiums.


And did you know that, for every 100 francs you pay in premiums, around 95 are invested directly in medical services, i.e. hospitalisation, therapies, lab expenses and medicines?

Sanitas works on a daily basis to keep the growth of healthcare costs as moderate as possible.

„We review up to 500,000 invoices each month in order to identify unjustifiably high invoices or uninsured benefits and thereby reduce costs.

Our case management team supports and advises customers experiencing difficult health situations. Proper coordination between doctors, therapists and other involved parties plays a crucial role in optimising the recovery process.

Working together with our independent partner Medgate, we offer our customers free medical advice around the clock. This service is particularly useful at night or at the weekend, because it puts your mind at ease and enables you to postpone any necessary visit to the doctor to regular practice opening hours, thus avoiding expensive emergency costs.

„In the interests of our customers, we hold fair but rigorous tariff negotiations with healthcare providers, for example with hospitals and networks of physicians.

It has been proven that alternative insurance models help reduce costs. Sanitas offers various alternative insurance models for basic insurance.

Alain Berset, the federal minister responsible for health, has ordered that the Tarmed tariff system be revised by 1 January 2018 to put an end to the ongoing discussion among various tariff partners who have been unable to come to an agreement. The measures planned by federal councillor Berset should lead to annual savings of around CHF 470 million.

We assume this could have a dampening effect on premium increases. But many other factors influence premiums, in particular the development of healthcare cost. Insureds are tending to claim more benefits and having more expensive treatment. As a result, premiums may continue to rise despite the savings resulting from the revision of the Tarmed tariff system.

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