health insurance card

Sanitas insurance card

Carry your Sanitas insurance card and you’ll be well prepared at the doctor’s or chemist’s, in hospital, in an emergency abroad, or when you need telephone advice.

On the front of the card you’ll find all the information relevant for Switzerland, with a chip containing administrative information that makes it easier for you to communicate with hospitals, pharmacies and doctors. The reverse of the card contains all the information necessary to receive medical care in an EU or EFTA country.

Get in touch and we’ll order you a new insurance card. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks for your new card to arrive.

Always give healthcare providers, such as doctors, hospitals and chemists, your customer number to ensure your claims settlement is dealt with quickly and easily. With the Sanitas Portal app you always have your insurance card to hand.

Do you have Compact One insurance? If so, please pay for medicines bought in the pharmacy yourself and then submit the invoice to us afterwards for reimbursement. You’ll find more information on Compact One here

Contact us to request confirmation of your insurance in English. You can submit this to a doctor in case of emergencies.

All it takes is a gentle shake to display your insurance card in the Sanitas Portal app. You can activate this function in your app settings. You can download the Sanitas Portal app here.  

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