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Mail order pharmacy for original drugs and generics

Mail order pharmacy for original drugs and generics

Sanitas health insurance offers you low-cost alternatives to help you reduce the cost of drugs and medication.

Thanks to our partnership with the Zur Rose mail order pharmacy, you can take advantage of discounts on original drugs and generics.

In addition, there is no medication checking charge (usually CHF 4.30 per drug) or patient dossier charge (usually CHF 3.25 per day per patient).

Zur Rose mail order pharmacy

Your benefits as a Sanitas customer:

  • Low-cost: a discount of up to 10% on generics and up to 3% on original drugs
  • Safe: your orders are checked by pharmacists
  • Fast: your products are delivered to your door free of charge within 2 working days
  • Simple: Zur Rose settles invoices directly with Sanitas
  • New: Thanks to the online prescription account, repeat orders can be ordered quickly and easily online via your personal prescription account


More information can be found at (website in German, French and Italian).

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