Dossier: Hiking

Wanted: a hiking-friendly stroller

Deborah Widrig offers customers advice on strollers at HW Babycenter in Bad Ragaz. She explains what requirements a pushchair has to meet to ensure it’s suitable for taking on hikes.

Text: Clau Isenring

More and more young people are going hiking. Is this trend also evident in the sales of all-terrain strollers?

Yes, most customers are looking for a stroller they can take off road. Many parents today buy a flexible all-round pushchair suitable for the city as well as country paths.

Which pushchairs are suitable for hiking, and which ones aren’t so good?

Three factors play an important role: The pushchair should be light, have good suspension and be equipped with big wheels. A hand-brake is also an advantage when you’re going downhill. Flimsy buggies are no good for hiking.

Are three or four wheels better for hiking?

Both types are suitable for off-roading. Three-wheeled strollers are more flexible and easier to turn, while four-wheeled versions are more stable. What’s important for both models is that the swivel wheels at the front must be able to lock in place when you go offroad.

Can all strollers be used from birth or are various attachments necessary?

With 90% of all strollers today, the chassis and a sports seat are included in the price. The sport seat is suitable for children from around six months up to around three years. For the first six months you need a cradle attachment in which the baby can lie comfortably.

How much does a quality pushchair suitable for off-roading cost?

A good flexible pushchair that is suitable for hiking costs around CHF 1,000. With normal usage, a pushchair in this price range can be used for three children. You can get models that are suitable for hiking that cost CHF 500, but they’re only designed to last long enough for one child.

Any other tips?

As people have different needs and preferences, we recommend testing the pushchairs in the store. Push them around, steer them, try out the functions and maybe even try folding them down so you can be sure your chosen pushchair will fit in the car.

Deborah Widrig offers customers advice on strollers at HW Babycenter in Bad Ragaz.