Dossier: Sport after childbirth

Getting back in shape after the birth

Although you should take it easy for a few weeks after the birth, it’s still important to get out in the fresh air every day and get some gentle exercise – it’s good for you and your child. Taking a brisk walk is ideal. Increasing the blood circulation in this way eases tension and reactivates muscles. While out walking, stop every now and again and do the exercise below.

Video (only available in German)

For toned legs and firm buttocks (repeat 10 times, then switch leg)

  1. Cross your arms and hold them out in front of you at shoulder height
  2. Lengthen your spine (imagine there’s a thread at the top of your head pulling upwards)
  3. Tense your muscles
  4. Lift your left leg
  5. Keep your balance
  6. Bend your left knee behind you so your lower leg is parallel to the floor
  7. Flex and point your foot
  8. Shake it out

After doing the exercise you can continue your walk and do the following exercise (as often as you like):

  1. Take four long strides
  2. Walk normally for four strides

If you feel okay, you can start these exercises shortly after childbirth – as soon as you’re able to walk briskly without any problems.

Katharina Quack Lötscher

Doctor and president of PEBS (preventive nutrition and exercisecounselling during pregnancy and up to a year after birth)