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Sanitas review: Aqualert app

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon I find myself drinking my fifth – maybe even my sixth – cup of coffee and suddenly wondering whether I drink more coffee than water on a daily basis

Tested by Sandro Weber, Digital Market Development Specialist

Firmly resolved to drink more water, I download an app to help me in my endeavours. The Aqualert app reminds me automatically to drink a glass of water at regular intervals. The app uses my physical details andactivity levels to calculate my personal daily goal – so here goes! It's not long before my phone vibrates for the first time to reminding me to drink some water.

You can customise the size of glass and time intervals. A statistics function documenting my drinking patterns in graph format is helpful.

At 4 pm, Aqualert indicates that I’ve drunk 1.2 litres over the course of the day. I’ll easily manage the remaining half a litre. By 8 pm I’ve reached my target.


The Aqualert app offers limited functionality, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it fulfils its purpose.

My rating


  • Clear and simple
  • Easy to operate
  • Statistics function with graphs and charts
  • Helps balance your fluid intake


  • Free version features in-app ads

Aqualert is available for iOS and Android.