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Sanitas review: Findery app

Travel guides and portals such as Tripadvisor are great, but they often recommend very touristy places. Findery is an app that allows users to share travel tips and facts on little-known locations around the world.

Tested by: Daniel Hörschläger, Head of eIT at Sanitas

The Findery app is a digital treasure map. You can use it to discover special destinations and be inspired by local tips that you won't find in standard travel guides. Find out more about places you want to visit from the stories shared by other users, and share your own impressions and favourite places with your friends and the Findery community.

Log in using your Facebook details or email address and you can immediately take advantage of a wealth of recommendations and personal tips. Save your favourite tips in notes and prepare for your next trip!

My rating


  • Ongoing exchange of new destinations and local tips among the Findery community.
  • Easy to create your own notes.
  • Source of inspiration for trips off the beaten track
  • Free


  • Not all tips are of the same high quality; some of the descriptions are quite basic.

Findery is available for iOS.