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Sanitas review: Peakfinder Earth app

I recognise the Eiger, the Kleiner Mythen and of course the Matterhorn. But what’s that mountain over there? The Wetterhorn, maybe? I’m not sure.

Tested by Christian Kuhn, Channel Manager at Sanitas

As I enjoy hiking in the mountains, I’m often left wondering what the summits I can see in the distance are called. Now I have the answer! All I have to do is take out my mobile and open PeakFinder Earth. At the tap of a button, the app determines my location via my mobile’s GPS. The app then displays a 360-degree panorama with all the summits you can see. It is the Wetterhorn!

The mountains are shown in outline similar to the panorama boards on many popular mountain peaks. The data is downloaded when you first start the app and requires storage space of around 40 MB. As a result the app can be used without an internet connection – worldwide.

In a nutshell

For keen hikers, PeakFinder Earth is a handy way of identifying mountain summits.

My rating


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Big database of over 650,000 mountains
  • Displays 360-degree panorama within a radius of 300 km
  • Can be used worldwide
  • Easy offline use


  • Compass function is practical but not always accurate
  • Download fee (CHF 5)

The Peakfinder app is available for iOS and Android.