How do I deal with hay fever?

Spring is here! If you suffer from a pollen allergy you probably noticed the arrival of spring several weeks ago, accompanied by a runny nose, itchy watery eyes and sneezing fits that shake your whole body. Is there anything you can do about this irritating allergy? Our partner Medgate shares a few useful tips.

How to treat hay fever

Nasal sprays, tablets and drops may help ease your symptoms: ask your doctor for advice. You’ll need a little more patience if you want to treat the source of the problem. Immunotherapy is conducted over a long period of time, but the symptoms are dramatically reduced and may even disappear entirely. If a pollen allergy is left untreated for a long time, it can develop into allergic asthma, so it’s certainly worth discussing your treatment options with a doctor.

Further useful information and tips can be found on the aha! website.

Here are a few simple but effective ways to treat hay fever:

  • Always pay close attention to pollen forecasts and the Swiss pollen season.
  • If pollen levels are high, avoid going outdoors or only stay a short time in the fresh air.
  • Only open windows briefly.
  • Don’t dry laundry outdoors.
  • Shut bedroom windows during the day. Have a shower and wash your hair before going to bed. Change your bedding regularly. Don’t remove or store clothes you’ve worn during the day in your bedroom.