Dossier: Pregnancy

Important preparation for the birth

Antenatal exercise is the perfect complement to sport during pregnancy. Unless advised otherwise on medical grounds, every expectant mother should do antenatal exercises. You can start at any time. The exercises are adapted to suit each stage of pregnancy.

In addition to strengthening exercises designed to promote blood circulation and strengthen muscles, antenatal exercise classes also teach breathing and relaxation techniques in preparation for the birth. These classes are also helpful for couples. For example, they’ll help you decide how and where you’d like to give birth.

What costs are covered by health insurance?

Antenatal and postnatal exercise classes are not covered under basic insurance. If you value comprehensive yet low-cost care during your pregnancy, it would make sense to take out a supplementary insurance plan.

Search for Qualitop-certified fitness centres


If you’re pregnant and are already a member of a fitness centre, check if your centre offers suitable courses. If not, ask if you can suspend your membership until after the birth of your baby. Your fitness centre can advise you.

Courses for exercise during and after pregnancy (some free of charge).