Pregnancy-related complaints | Sanitas magazine

Is my pregnancy progressing normally?

Mums-to-be also experience typical complaints during the second trimester that are trying but indicate that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Dry, tight and itchy skin: This is caused by the skin beginning to stretch, but can be relieved by applying cream regularly.

Heartburn: The pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes the muscles, while the pressure on the stomach loosens the valve at the entrance to the stomach, causing acid to rise. Drinking a glass of milk in the evening can help; in case of acute pain, take a spoonful of mustard or brewer’s yeast, or bicarbonate of soda dissolved in water.

Haemorrhoids and varicose veins: These are caused by progesterone, extra weight and increased blood circulation. Avoid standing for long periods, take foot baths and wear medical support stockings.

Leg cramps: Cramps can be an indication of mineral deficiency. Magnesium supplements can help prevent muscle cramps. If cramps wake you in the night, massage your leg, stand up and walk around. 

Constipation: The pregnancy hormone progesterone relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, which slows digestion. Drink plenty of water and do gentle exercise (e.g. yoga or swimming). Fibre-rich food such as muesli or wholegrain bread can also help ease constipation.

Shortness of breath: Caused by the higher position of the uterus and the position of the child. Take it a bit easier and move more slowly!