Is my pregnancy progressing normally?

There are typical complaints suffered by mums-to-be in the third trimester that are trying and restrict movement even further, but these indicate that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

Heavy legs and swollen feet: The increased blood requirements can cause water retention. Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes, drink water regularly and take regular but gentle exercise. Book a gentle massage. Raise your feet, pull them towards you, then stretch them out again. Wearing medical support stockings also helps. The hands and face can also be affected by water retention and you may suffer from dizzy spells.

Urge to urinate: The weight of your child in the womb increases the pressure on your bladder.

Shortness of breath: Lung function is restricted because the organs are being pushed out of place as the child takes up more space in your body. Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and focus on your breathing when you move.

Balance: As your baby bump grows, your centre of balance shifts, so you have to think when you move and take greater care.

Back pain: The spine shifts and curves during pregnancy. You can alleviate pain by checking your posture, stretching regularly and placing a cushion under your stomach when you sleep.

Pelvic pain: The ligaments are stretching, your baby is pressing on your abdomen and pelvic joints.

Contractions: Braxton Hicks contractions occur first and, from around the 37th week of pregnancy, you’ll experience preliminary contractions. You’ll learn how to breathe through contractions in your antenatal course.