Dossier: Pregnancy

Preparing the baby’s room

Setting up the baby’s room is a special step as you prepare to welcome the new arrival. If you start buying the most important items and setting up the room in good time, you’ll be able to relax after the birth and focus on your baby.

Once you know you’re pregnant, you’ll soon start thinking about the baby’s room. For many parents, this is an important part of the preparations. There are a few things you need to bear in mind. If you plan on renovating and redecorating the room, you should use non-toxic floor coverings, paint, furniture and decorative elements. If you’re painting the baby’s room, make sure you do it a few weeks before your baby moves in to make sure the odours evaporate. And even if you’re itching to get involved, remember that you shouldn’t carry or move heavy furniture and should minimise your exposure to fumes and gases while painting or wallpapering. These fumes can be harmful for your baby.

Once the room is ready, you’ll need to buy furniture and fittings. Only buy essential items at first. Once you and the baby have settled in, you can buy anything else you need. What you need for the baby’s room:

Sleeping arrangements

In the first few months, particularly while the mum is breastfeeding, it can be practical for the baby to sleep in a bedside cot or bassinet right next to the parent’s bed. Once the baby gets too big for the cot, it can move to a baby bed in its own room.

  • Bassinet, bedside cot or cradle
  • Firm mattress with good ventilation and a washable cover
  • Important: no pillow
  • Waterproof underlay
  • Fitted sheet
  • Two baby sleeping bags for changing
  • Baby monitor
  • Breastfeeding chair, optional
  • You can buy storage solutions such as baskets, chests and wardrobes later on

Changing nappies

  • Changing table with storage space for changing equipment
  • Padded and washable mat
  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes, bowl for warm water, washcloth
  • Nappy bin with lid


  • Wash bowl
  • Baby bath or baby bucket
  • Bath thermometer