Dossier: Young adults

What to wear for work

Training completed at last! You’re no longer the apprentice or the baby of the bunch. Now you’re a fully-fledged member of the team and are expected to act accordingly.

Here are a few tips

  • Clothes make the man (and woman): You’ve made the leap from school to the workplace. Clothes play a huge part in making a good first impression. Leave your hotpants, tank tops, flip flops and slogan T-shirts at home. Wear clothes suited to your line of work. You’ll be taken more seriously and look professional.
  • Hygiene: Personal hygiene is very important for many reasons, and shouldn’t be underestimated in the working world. A smart appearance always helps make a good impression. It also makes you feel good and gives you confidence. One tip: leave a toothbrush at the office. You may need it if you have a meeting after lunch!
  • Impress with good manners, too: Show interest in your workplace and in everything that helps drive your company forward. Talk to your colleagues about issues that may not be in your area of responsibility. This way you’ll come across as a keen and committed employee.
  • Keep cool: It’s important to keep a calm head at home and in the office. Be polite and helpful, even if your colleagues or customers don’t always offer you the same courtesy. Remain calm at all times and choose your words carefully. If you manage to keep your cool when the going gets tough, it’s a huge advantage!