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What I need to feel at home

Are you happier in the company of others or do you yearn to have your own space? Only you can decide what’s best for you although cost may also play a decisive role.

Both ways of living in a nutshell:

Own flat: There are many advantages to having your own flat – you get to enjoy your freedom and independence and you can furnish and decorate it as you please. There are, however, some disadvantages: You have to furnish your flat from scratch and you’ll be solely responsible for paying utility, electricity, internet and food bills, etc.

Shared accommodation: In shared accommodation, you often live in a larger flat with other flatmates. The kitchen, bathroom, living room and garden are shared spaces. And everyone is responsible for housework (cleaning and cooking rota, etc.). The cost of shared accommodation is shared by all flatmates making this a cheaper way of living than having your own place.

Step-by-step guide to choosing a flat

Where do I want to live? Where’s a nice place to live, where’s practical? Sometimes you’ll only find one of the two, sometimes both. When it comes down to it, the real question is how do you intend to commute to your place of work or study? By car, bike or train? It’s merely a question of how long you’re willing to commute and how much it will cost. 

How many rooms do I need? Do I need several rooms or is a one-room flat big enough? Am I willing to settle for a flat without a garden, but not one without a balcony? Less is more to begin with – you can always look for a bigger flat further down the line.

Looking for, viewing and applying for flats: Now the real search begins. Spread the word amongst your friends and acquaintances – you never know they might come up trumps. Most flats look good on paper, but appearances can be deceiving – always arrange a personal viewing. Sometimes you’ll have several potential flats on the cards, and sometimes you might have the feeling you’ll never find anything suitable. Apply with all the information and documents requested and completed in full. And remember: The more applicants for the same flat, the more likely your application will be rejected – don’t give up.

Real estate portals

There are many real estate portals to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular:

Found your perfect flat? Congratulations!

Once you’ve found your dream flat, every chore that follows will be fun – you’re about to move into your own place after all! Whether you’ve got questions about moving house or buying furniture – you’ll find a handy, structured list of to-dos under the following link. See for yourself – things run more smoothly with a plan. You’ll find a handy, structured list of to-dos here.

Have you notified everyone who needs to be informed about your move? Use our checklist to ensure nobody is left out.