We care about your health

Support in everyday life

It’s important to us that you feel fit and healthy, which is why we’re continually developing our health programmes and case management services. All our services have one thing in common: they help you shape your life so you feel as well as possible and live an independent life.

Mental health
Help with psychological stress
  • Initial assessment of your psychological health
  • A recommendation for online therapy and psychotherapy that is tailored to your needs
  • Quick and straightforward access to psychological advice
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Quick recovery
Support in the event of illness
  • Rapid assistance in the event of illness
  • Specific recommendations for action based on your symptoms
  • Practical search functions for doctors, pharmacies or generic drugs
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Care at home
Care support
  • Find a care service: This service helps both Sanitas and non-Sanitas customers in the search for a care organisation.
  • Care and cost guidelines: information and tips
  • Medical aids: information about medical aids
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Fall prevention
Minimise the risk of falls in your home
  • Personal advice on fall prevention in the comfort of your home 
  • Advice on making your home safer 
  • Significantly reduces fall rate and fear of suffering a fall
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Case management
Support in the event of illness and accident
  • Advice and support by a professional coach
  • Personalised help and support during recovery and reintegration into the workplace 
  • Objective representation of your interests 
  • A better chance of recovery
Case management
Heart coach
The digital coach for a healthy heart
  • Scan blood pressure values and always have an overview
  • More exercise, healthy eating and relaxation
  • Motivating challenges and realistic weekly goals
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Diabetes coach
Diabetes: digital advice and support
  • Scan blood sugar values and always have an overview
  • Reduce risk factors with a healthy lifestyle
  • Reminders for medication and measurements
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Sleep coach
Sleep better again thanks to digital coaching
  • Determine the severity of your sleep disorder
  • Get personal feedback on sleep behaviour with specific advice
  • Learn to trust your own sleep again
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