Sanitas health insurance clearly explained


Yet another increase in insurance premiums?

Find out the main reasons for this increase and how Sanitas invests your basic insurance premiums. In short: we’re always thinking about your health

Save money by changing your annual deductible

What the terms "deductible", "copayment" and "cost share" mean, how the system works, and what to bear in mind if you change your deductible.The basic message is that if you want to find ways of saving healthcare costs, seek individual advice.

It’s so easy with Sanitas Compact One

Sick of waiting ages at your doctor’s surgery?  Find out how to make the most of our telemedical insurance model when you’re feeling unwell to benefit from the best possible healthcare as fast as possible.

Sanitas Portal: Scanning reclaim vouchers is easy

Everything’s quicker with Sanitas. Sending off a doctor's bill in a stamped enveloped and walking to the post box? Those days are gone! Simply scan in your reclaim voucher using the app and send it to us.  

Will it also be enough later on?

How you can act now to have the freedom to get more comprehensive hospital cover in the future.

It's convenient with the Sanitas Portal