Low-cost basic insurance with digital consultations

Compact One

Compact One is a low-cost basic insurance model with digital consultations. You contact Medgate when you need medical advice. Your Medgate doctor advises you and draws up a personal treatment plan with you. You have an overview of your treatment in the Sanitas Medgate app.

Key benefits of basic insurance 

Anyone who is resident in Switzerland is obliged by law to have basic health insurance in order to ensure basic medical care for all. All health insurers cover the same benefits under basic insurance.


For example

  • Treatment with a doctor or specialist throughout Switzerland
  • Hospital treatment in the general ward of your canton of residence
  • Cost share towards emergency treatment worldwide
  • Medicines, laboratory tests or medical aids

Step by step: it’s simple with Compact One

  1. Enter your symptoms in the Sanitas Medgate app. You'll receive a recommendation immediately: either to have a teleconsultation or go to your family doctor. Or you can call the Medgate hotline on 0844 111 365
  2. Recommendation Teleconsultation: Choose a date and time that suits you. A Medgate doctor will call you at the chosen time. Recommendation visit to family doctor: enter your doctor in the Sanitas Medgate app, then you can make an appointment with them as usual.
  3. After the consultation you’ll receive a digital treatment plan which you can access or edit at any time. For example, if the doctor providing treatment refers you to a specialist.
  4. Your Medgate doctor will send medical prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice.
  5. The Medgate hotline is open around the clock in case of emergency. You’ll be put in touch with a doctor immediately.

Take out insurance online now

With Compact One you save between 6% and 28% on your premium compared to the Basic standard model for basic health insurance.

Streamlined processes for a low-cost premium

Opening hours

Compact customers can call the Sanitas customer service team from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm. If you have a question, contact us at any time via chat or send us a message via the Sanitas Portal.

Sending documents

The Sanitas Portal is the easiest way to send in your reclaim vouchers. This way, Compact customers can send in their invoices at any time.


Medgate is the leading telemedicine provider in Switzerland. Medgate comprises a team of over 90 experienced doctors on hand to offer medical advice by phone or video link around the clock. Medgate telemedical advice is available free of charge. However, you may be charged for calling the Medgate hotline depending on your telecommunications provider.


You don’t have to contact Medgate in the following cases

  • Emergencies (but you have to inform Medgate within 10 days)
  • Gynaecological check-ups
  • Maternity benefits
  • Treatment of children up to age six
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental treatment

Sanitas Medgate app

The Sanitas Medgate app is your direct link to Medgate. It offers useful functions, making it really easy to get medical advice whenever you need it.

Key features:

  • Get medical advice: Enter your symptoms and get an immediate recommendation either for a teleconsultation or to go to your family doctor.
  • Make an appointment: choose a date and timeup to 48 hours in advance
  • Phone call or video consultation: contact your Medgate doctor by phone or video link
  • Secure connection: send photos, videos or voice messages to Medgate in encrypted form
  • Choose your favourite doctor: set your favourite doctor and select for further treatments
  • Digital treatment plan: treatment recommendation, duration of treatment, doctors providing treatment

Free services for families

Children’s health hotline

If your child suddenly has a temperature of 40 degrees in the middle of the night, you may need instant medical advice. The children’s health hotline is manned by a team of Medgate doctors who provide medical advice around the clock. Simply call the Medgate number for Compact customers. Press key 2 for the children’s health hotline.

0844 111 365

Nanny referral service

If your child is sick and needs care, but you have to work, we’ll find you qualified child care. You pay only for the child care, we cover the referral fee. Simply call the Medgate number for Compact customers. Press key 3 for the nanny referral service

0844 111 365

The amounts listed are for maximum benefits and, unless specified otherwise, are valid for each calendar year. Benefits are granted only in accordance with the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal) and the corresponding ordinances, and the general terms of insurance and applicable supplementary terms issued by Sanitas.

Basic insurance
Choose a basic insurance model that meets your needs:
  • Five models for basic insurance
  • Free choice of doctors, telemedicine, family doctor or HMO practice
  • Premium discount of up to 15%
To the models
Supplementary insurance plans
Supplement basic insurance benefits
  • Cover costs that exceed basic insurance
  • Money towards additional treatments such as alternative medicine
  • Contributions towards preventive care such as check-ups
Supplementary insurance
Supplementary hospital insurance plans
Choose a hospital ward
  • General, semiprivate or private
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad
  • Greater flexibility thanks to Hospital Upgrade
Hospital insurance