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Do you have type 2 diabetes? Or do you want to prevent diabetes? The Sanitas Coach app is here to help.

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You’re not alone

4%  of people in Switzerland suffered from type 2 diabetes in 2017.1

11%  were age 65 and over.1


Dangerous and often unnoticed

Half of all diabetics don’t even know that they have diabetes. One reason for this may be that the initial symptoms are so varied: tiredness, weakness, constant hunger or thirst and strong urge to urinate. The problem is that, when hyperglycaemia goes unnoticed, it can have serious consequences, such as kidney and nerve damage and a higher risk of stroke, blindness and heart attack.

Prevention is better than cure

You can prevent diabetes by adopting a healthy lifestyle, e.g. eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Obesity, smoking and stress, on the other hand, increase the risk of diabetes and should be avoided.

Living with diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes have to check their blood sugar levels regularly, take appropriate medication and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regularly checking blood lipid values, the eyes, blood vessels and kidneys can also help detect dangerous complications at an early stage in order to prevent serious consequences that can result from the disease. However, it’s not always easy to keep track of everything day to day.

Lukas’ story

  1. Lukas is 55 and works in the office of a car sales room. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes five years ago following a routine check-up. Since then he has had to bear a lot of things in mind:
  2. He has to measure his blood sugar levels at home every day and have his long-term blood sugar checked by the doctor every three months. He takes medication every day and makes sure he gets more exercise and eats a healthier diet. He also has regular check-ups to test for dangerous complications.
  3. The Sanitas Coach helps Lukas remember all these things day to day. It reminds him to take his medication and measure his blood sugar levels, analyses his values and provides tips for a healthy diet and exercise.
  4. As the Sanitas Coach is a certified medical device, Lukas can be sure that the information is reliable and that the personalised feedback he receives comes from a trusted source.
  5. He receives dynamic and motivating goals for a healthy lifestyle – made possible through the connection of Apple Health and Google Fit.
  6. The Sanitas Coach has helped Lukas live more easily with diabetes. He finally has the feeling that he has the disease under control.

Benefits of the diabetes coach

The app is a certified medical device and helps make life with type 2 diabetes easier:

  • Diary: all blood sugar levels at a glance
  • Handy PDF export for your values
  • Reminders for taking medication, measurements and goals
  • Step by step towards a healthier lifestyle

Our partner:

The Sanitas Coach app is a Sanitas-branded version of the Pathmate Coach that is registered as a class 1 medical device.

The Sanitas Coach app has been developed and produced by Pathmate Technologies AG, a spin-off of the ETH and HSG that was founded in 2017 at the Center for Digital Health Interventions.

Pathmate develops apps that help people prevent and self-manage chronic illnesses in everyday life. The content is developed and improved upon in close collaboration with medical experts in the respective field. The success of Pathmate’s approach has been proven in numerous scientific studies.

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