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Do you often feel tired? Find it hard to sleep through the night? The Sanitas Coach app helps you get your sleep problems under control.

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You’re not alone

25% – Around a quarter of people in Switzerland have trouble sleeping.1

Impact on quality of life

Sleep is crucial for many processes in our body. It boosts our immune system, regulates our metabolism, triggers repair and growth processes and stores away memories of the day. It therefore comes as no surprise to hear that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on our daily life.

Treating sleep problems

There are many medicines that help with sleep problems, but most of them have unpleasant side effects and shouldn’t be taken for too long. That’s why it’s all the more important to find other ways of finding your way back to restful sleep.

Step by step

We’ve all experienced times where the harder we try to fall to sleep, the longer it takes to drift off. A structured sleep diary and personal coaching can help you relax and get a better night’s sleep again.

Julia’s story

  1. Julia is 35 years old and works as a project manager at an advertising agency. She loves her job, but has trouble switching off in the evening. For months she has been lying awake in bed each night for two to three hours.
  2. Julia likes to solve her problems by herself. She has already changed a few things in her daily routine so she is able to fall asleep faster. She has also tried relaxing teas and meditation, but so far the only thing that helps are sleeping pills.
  3. Julia uses the Sanitas Coach app to analyse her sleep and get personal feedback on how she can optimise her sleep.
  4. She follows the coach’s step-by-step instructions and is relieved to no longer be dealing with the problem on her own.
  5. With her first successes, she regains confidence in her sleep. She is no longer scared of lying awake..

Your coach for restful sleep

The app is a certified medical device and helps you to overcome sleep problems:

  • Determine the severity of the sleep disorder
  • Diary: your sleep data at a glance
  • Individual feedback on your sleep behaviour
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Information on all aspects of sleep

Our partner:

The Sanitas Coach app is a Sanitas-branded version of the Pathmate Coach that is registered as a class 1 medical device.

The Sanitas Coach app has been developed and produced by Pathmate Technologies AG, a spin-off of the ETH and HSG that was founded in 2017 at the Center for Digital Health Interventions.

Pathmate develops apps that help people prevent and self-manage chronic illnesses in everyday life. The content is developed and improved upon in close collaboration with medical experts in the respective field. The success of Pathmate’s approach has been proven in numerous scientific studies.

Do you have any questions or feedback on the Sanitas Coach app?

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