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Swiss health insurance

Swiss health insurance

According to the Healthcare Access and Quality Index, Switzerland boasts the third-best healthcare system in the world. The index was developed by a group of researchers headed by Christopher Murray at the University of Washington in Seattle. It ranked 195 countries, including Switzerland.

In brief

Mandatory basic health insurance pursuant to KVG/LAMal

All persons resident in Switzerland (civil law domicile) are required to take out basic health insurance. As basic insurance benefits are defined by the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal), all health insurers provide the same benefits.

Supplementary insurance plans pursuant to VVG/LCA

Supplementary insurance plans pursuant to the Swiss Federal Act on Insurance Contracts (VVG/LCA) are voluntary. They cover benefits which aren’t included under basic insurance, such as alternative medicine and health promotion. You need to undergo a medical exam in order to take out supplementary insurance.


The deductible is the amount you pay towards the cost of your medical treatments. You choose the amount when taking out basic insurance. The deductible ranges between CHF 300 and CHF 2,500 per calendar year.

Supplementary outpatient insurance plans

These plans cover the benefits of outpatient treatment. The term outpatient refers to treatment that is delivered by a doctor, therapist, etc. at a practice or in hospital that is provided on an hourly rather than a daily basis and does not involve an overnight stay.


Once you reach your deductible, you cover part of the costs of all additional treatment as specified by the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act, up to a maximum of CHF 700 per calendar year.

Supplementary inpatient insurance plans

These plans offer hospital insurance. They cover the cost of hospital stays that usually involve several days of treatment and overnight stays in hospital. They also include services such as emergency treatment abroad and rescue transport.

Important deadlines

Changing the annual deductible for basic insurance

Your annual deductible can only be changed with effect 1 January of the following year. If you want to reduce your annual deductible, you must inform Sanitas by 30 November. If you want to increase your deductible, you must let us know by 31 December.

Transferring to an alternative insurance model

You can transfer from the standard basic insurance model to an alternative insurance model with effect from the beginning of any month. Transferring from one alternative insurance model to another is possible with effect 1 January of the following year. In this case, your notification must reach us by 30 November.

Notices of termination for basic insurance

Basic insurance can be terminated up to and including 30 November. By law, customers can only switch to another insurer if they have paid all outstanding premiums and cost shares and have confirmation from the new insurer.

If you choose a deductible of CHF 300, there’s an additional period of notice at the end of June. In this case, Sanitas must receive notice of termination by 31 March or the last working day in March. However, this only applies to the standard basic insurance model, not alternative insurance models.

Notices of termination for supplementary insurance

Periods of notice vary for supplementary insurance plans. You’ll find binding information in the relevant general terms of insurance, the supplementary terms and in the special terms.

Regardless of the deadline, Sanitas must receive notification by 30 September or the last working day of September.

Tip: Notice of termination does not have to be sent by registered post, but it is safer this way because it is crucial that the letter arrives on time.

Do you want to switch to Sanitas? 

We’ll cancel your health insurance with your current health insurer. All you have to do is request an individual quote and sign and return the required termination form to us:


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