We’re on hand to offer support and advice

Life events

New life events give rise to a great many questions. You’ll need courage, trust – and the right information. We support you with our expertise and guide you through challenging periods of your life.

Starting a family
We support you on your way to becoming a family
  • Are you pregnant or planning a family?
  • Our maternity services are here to help
  • From planning a family to your child’s first birthday 
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Coming of age
You’ve finally come of age, you’re footloose and fancy free!
  • A stay abroad, your first flat or first job, military service 
  • We’ll help you find the best solution whatever the situation 
  • And provide you with information on your health insurance
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Immigrants and emigrants
Information for immigrants, emigrants and cross-border commuters
  • How the Swiss health insurance system works 
  • What do I need to think about? 
  • Which insurance is right for me?
A new country
Support in everyday life
Our services to improve your quality of life
  • Support for a lasting healthier lifestyle
  • Stronger mental health in stressful situations
  • Living better with cardiac insufficiency
Health programmes