Coming of age – the world’s your oyster!

You’ve finally come of age, you’re footloose and fancy free! Becoming an adult is a great adventure that calls for courage and individual responsibility. We can help you gain a foothold in adulthood by supporting you every step of the way.

Discounts for young adults

Despite the premium increase there’s good news: young adults between the age of 19 and 25 receive a discount of between 30% and 37% on the adult premium at Sanitas.

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Jump in premiums – why?
Why your premium suddenly increases
  • From child premium to young adult premium
  • From young adult premium to adult premium
  • How the system works in Switzerland
Swiss system
Your own four walls
Why moving out results in changes to your policy
  • From the family policy to your own policy
  • New home, new premium
  • Why are there premium regions?
Moving out
Starting work
What you need to know about health insurance
  • Accident insurance through your employer
  • Including accident cover in supplementary insurance plans
  • Save money through group health insurance
My first job
Up and away
Important questions when planning a trip abroad
  • What costs are covered by insurance abroad?
  • Do I have adequate cover?
  • Which supplementary insurance plans are best for me?  
Stay abroad
Fall in!
What to do if you’ve received your marching orders
  • During your military service, you’re covered under military insurance
  • Send us your marching orders.
  • We’ll suspend your health insurance
Military service