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I want to make a difference

Job profiles

We’re proud of our employees’ commitment. At Sanitas you’ll find a wide range of job profiles, with communicators, data specialists and healthcare experts all working together to develop new solutions.

Astrid – HR business Partner

«Our employees are the heart of Sanitas. I accompany them through the application process and support their personal development. However, I'm also involved at the conceptual level.

Working at Sanitas allows me to hold a responsible position on a progressive part-time basis. I really appreciate the flexibility this gives me.»

Denise – Customer advisor

«Many people need help with their health insurance. It helps if they can talk to someone friendly.

I take time, listen to what they have to say and try to explain complex topics in a way that’s easy to understand. It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly. I want to ensure that customers who speak to me are left with a good impression of Sanitas.»

Jeremy – IT software developer

«I like the fact that we use the latest web and mobile technologies. We develop digital services such as the Sanitas app ourselves, always with a view to making the lives of our customers easier.

We’re a young, diverse team. Motivation is high, we all put forward our own ideas, and we make decisions together. It’s a really fun way of working.»

Philipp – Contact centre employee

“I show customers what options they have, and most importantly, what makes sense for them. It’s crucial to look ahead, because a solution has to work now and in the future.

It’s a great feeling when customers appreciate the advice I give them and express their gratitude.”

Reto – Marketing intern

«People here are very open and interested in my ideas and opinions, in my generation. The working environment is friendly and cooperative – I was quickly on first-name terms with my boss.

Every day is different. I’m actively involved in projects and have the opportunity to put forward my own ideas. I’ve already learned a lot.»

Sandra – Health coach

«I help people get healthy. To do this, I accompany them on a stage of their journey and support them in their daily routine. Our customers put their trust in me.

In return, I share my expertise and explain how they can change their habits to improve their quality of life. It’s great to see how they get a new lease of life and start to believe in themselves again. It really makes me proud.»

Stefan – Social media manager

For me social media are the best way of communicating openly and honestly with customers on an equal footing. They share their opinions with us publicly and unfiltered. I listen and respond quickly.

I see myself as an advocate for our customers, helping them when they have a problem. I really enjoy my job. If you want to win trust, you have to show genuine interest.

Stefanie – Customer Experience Manager

«I analyse data to determine needs, so that customers have the information they need, when they need it. For me, this is personal customer care.

I like my job, because it challenges me while giving me the freedom to balance work with family life.»